About CSIExperts

CSIExperts is a realization of the company Conseils et Services Informatiques (CSI) with Christian Dubreuil as president / founderFirst of all, CSI is a consulting company specializing in computer technical supportCSIExperts was established to provide the technical expertise to all residential and small business customersregardless of regionlocality or countryOur services are available worldwideWe have what it takes to resolve the majority of your computer problemsWith our concept and use of remote support tools, with security being of utmost importance. as long as the computer has internet accesswe can help you out without having to unplug your computerwherever you are. We are available and can help very quicklySeveral experts are or will be in your region/country to render you service in your languageOur territory has no limits!.We currently offer our support in both French and English (more languages will be made available soon).

We also sell new Dell computers and laptopsas well as security software and other computer accessories.

"With my experience in customer service and my expertise in computer scienceall the experts involved will have to pass the same rigor and professionalism that I will do for you. This is why all our support interventions is covered with a satisfaction guaranteeIf we cannot solve your problemyour purchase will be refunded! "

Christian Dubreuilpresident and founder of CSIExperts

Thank you for trusting us!

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