We frequently see or hear about these funny squares. But what exactly are they? It's called QR Codes (QR for Quick Response). They are the same type of code as the bar code you might notice what you go grocery shopping or pretty much any product you might buy. With the exception that QR codes are two dimensional. 

Destined to be read by special barcode readers, smartphones, or webcams, thay have the advantage of storing more data then the universally used standard linear UPC barcodes. They are quick and effortless when read with readilly available smartphones to access secret promotions in websites, and other actions like :

  • navigate to a website, or use it as a bookmark ;
  • use it as a direct paiement method (Europe et Asie principalement) ;
  • add a virtual business card (vCard, MeCard) in your contacts, or an event (iCalendar) in you electronic day planner ;
  • set up a phone call or prepare a text message (SMS) ;
  • show a geographical point with Goolgle maps or Bing Maps ;
  • encode free text ;
  • etc.


Référence : Wikipedia


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